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Lunch lines Will Grow

Lunch time is important for kids. We get hungry by the time it is lunch. It is also a favorite for many students because they can meet their friends in other classes and chat. In Lexington schools many students buy lunch. With growing number of students, the lunch lines are also getting longer.

Imagine if you are the last person in the line and you are hungry. It will take you more than 30 minutes before you can order the lunch. By the time you get to eat, it is already time to go back to classes. You will not be able to have a proper lunch because you have to rush. Not eating lunch properly can keep students from getting proper nutrition and they may not be able to pay attention in classes.

More students also put pressure on employees who serve lunches. They have to store more food items, make more food and have to serve very quickly to make sure everyone eats their lunch in time. They will also need bigger cafeteria to offer seats to all students. They will also need a kitchen with enough space for preparation, cooking, dishwashing facilities and refrigeration kit. I don't think many of the schools currently have this facility.