More Schools in Lexington!

LEX Build More Schools!


Many people go on school buses, since there house is far away from school or their parents need to get to work on time. If there are so many kids crowded on the bus, everyone will also be squished. Many students do not even like three people on a seat. Many buses will be needed if there are so many kids on one bus.

Also, if there so many people crowded on one bus, it will be hard for the bus driver to concentrate. He will be telling people to sit down so many times. He will stop focusing on the road and checking if the kids are following the rules. This may not be safe for kids and the driver.

With more students riding, buses will need more time to get the students to schools and get them back to home. If we build a new school and assign new buses for the school each student will get to school and back home on time.